Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why couples use to face infertility problem these days?

We all know that the Infertility means incapability of being pregnant even trying for at least the period of one year of unprotected course. It is seen that normally the problem of infertility arises in the women who are more than the age of thirty-five or may be more than it. Problem of infertility mainly occurs to those women who can get pregnant, but they remain to stay pregnant.
Another important fact dealing with the problem of infertility is that it is not only women’s problem. Both men and women may suffer from the problem of infertility. But along with this fact this is also true that major of fertility problems use to occur due to females and one-third of such problem in couples mainly find due to males. The case which left is a mixture of both either male or female problems and may be due to many types of uncertain problems. Normally Test Tube Baby is the right kind of surgery to solve the problem of infertility.
Let’s start discussing the different causes of infertility problem in men: -Sometimes in males a problem of varicocele arises which mainly occurs in men when the veins on men’s testicle expands a lot. Due to the expansion testicles get heat down automatically which affect on the shape of the sperms of men.
1.      Next problem comes due to the movement of the sperms which mainly happens due to the shape of the sperms.
2.      Sometimes it is also possible that due to some injury or may be due to some major damage to the reproductive system sperms blocked down automatically.
3.      In many cases, it is also quite possible that some men born with some issue with their sperms in such a situation male has to face the infertility problem.
4.      Many times due to severe illness or may be due to any injury the infertility problem arises.
Now let’s start discussing those factors which increase the risk of infertility problem:-
1. Due to the use of excess drinking alcohol men may suffer from infertility problem.
2. Due to the use of excess harmful drugs men may suffer from the problem of infertility.
3. Sometimes the presence of environmental toxins which includes different pesticides and other chemicals like lead may also pour a bad impact on male’s fertility power.
4. Due to the habit of smoking cigarettes problem of infertility may arise.
5. Increasing age also pours a bad impact on man’s fertility power.
6. Many times problems dealing with kidney also pours a bad impact on male’s fertility ability.
7. Hormone problem or hormonal disturbance may also pour a bad impact on men’s fertility ability.
8. Sometimes diseases like cancer due to which person may go through from chemotherapy man’s fertility ability may get affected.
Above given are some reasons due to which male’s fertility ability may get affected now let’s start discussing some factors due to which female fails to conceive. These are :-
1. First of all factors increasing age or growing age is a major cause of fertility problem.
2. Women who are more than thirty-five years have to suffer from infertility problem.
3. Since expanding age, consequently diminishes a lady's possibilities of imagining as her ovary neglects to discharge the great nature of eggs.
4. The eggs which use to release in the female ovary are not healthy due to which she may suffer from miscarriage.
But along with this the another fact is that due to the advancement in technology today many health care centers are opened throughout the whole world where problem like infertility may be treated very successfully. Normally to solve the problem of infertility problem in couples IVF treatment is the best technique. In true words, we can say that IVF is a Test- Tube baby technique which is mainly developed to treat such a female whose fallopian tubes get damaged due to certain reasons. Generally IVF treatmentin India use to begin with hormone therapy However infertility treatmentin India is getting popularity day by day. In such centers male’s infertility problem is also used to tackle very successfully by surgeons.

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