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Problem of infertility in India

Today Infertility problem becomes very common as it affects one in out of every six couple. Thoroughly considered in the entire world there may exist just about 60-80 million fruitless couples. It is a general factor that some female may able to achieve pregnancy spontaneously but on the other hand others face difficulty in achieving conception.
Infertility may be defined as an inability to get pregnant after having unprotected intercourse, for about a year. It is seen that women who are more than 35 years should consult an expert after 6 months of contraceptive free sexual intercourse in the case if they do not able to conceive. This may occur due to the declining egg quality with increasing age.

However with the help of proper medical in some couples the problem of infertility may be solved to some extent but that does not mean that it solved completely forever. Some patients may conceive in 3rd year without any assistance as there is a delay these patients may include in the category of sub-fertile females. While, then again sterility is an outright state of failure to consider.

Infertility problem is not a female problem, but both male and female may responsible for this cause or the other hand we can say that infertility may because in either of the partners. Normally in Male factor-35%, Female factor-40% or in 10-15% both partners may be infertile or sub-fertile.

Sometimes there is also a possibility of that each could be individually fertile but as a couple may need assistance to achieve pregnancy which is known as Combined infertility. To cope with the problem of infertility Test Tube Baby is a right option. In this technique of fertilization, a baby is used to conceive by adopting the method of fertilization which use to take place outside the mother’s body. During this treatment, the woman’s ova are removed then it gets mixed with sperm in a culture medium. After the fertilization process of the egg, the embryo is injected into uterus of the lady.
Normally women who may go for IVF treatment are those
1.   Women are not able to consider if their fallopian tubes get harm.

2.   if women's' fallopian tubes get obstructed all things considered likewise ladies are not able to conceive ordinarily.

3.   Sometimes because of the disgraceful irregularity of hormones may additionally make an issue in considering.

4.   Endometriosis in the lady is additionally one of the real deterrents in the method for conceiving.
Except these above given reason, there are also some major problems faced by men due to which women may also unable to conceive. Out of which some major are:-

Firstly it is seen that in numerous men because of the issue of low-quality sperms some ladies need to face the barrenness issue. Alongside this here and there because of the low rate of sperms in men, ladies might additionally confront the fruitlessness issue.

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