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Problem of infertility in India

Today Infertility problem becomes very common as it affects one in out of every six couple. Thoroughly considered in the entire world there may exist just about 60-80 million fruitless couples. It is a general factor that some female may able to achieve pregnancy spontaneously but on the other hand others face difficulty in achieving conception.
Infertility may be defined as an inability to get pregnant after having unprotected intercourse, for about a year. It is seen that women who are more than 35 years should consult an expert after 6 months of contraceptive free sexual intercourse in the case if they do not able to conceive. This may occur due to the declining egg quality with increasing age.

However with the help of proper medical in some couples the problem of infertility may be solved to some extent but that does not mean that it solved completely forever. Some patients may conceive in 3rd year without any assistance as there is a delay these patients may include in the category of sub-fertile females. While, then again sterility is an outright state of failure to consider.

Infertility problem is not a female problem, but both male and female may responsible for this cause or the other hand we can say that infertility may because in either of the partners. Normally in Male factor-35%, Female factor-40% or in 10-15% both partners may be infertile or sub-fertile.

Sometimes there is also a possibility of that each could be individually fertile but as a couple may need assistance to achieve pregnancy which is known as Combined infertility. To cope with the problem of infertility Test Tube Baby is a right option. In this technique of fertilization, a baby is used to conceive by adopting the method of fertilization which use to take place outside the mother’s body. During this treatment, the woman’s ova are removed then it gets mixed with sperm in a culture medium. After the fertilization process of the egg, the embryo is injected into uterus of the lady.
Normally women who may go for IVF treatment are those
1.   Women are not able to consider if their fallopian tubes get harm.

2.   if women's' fallopian tubes get obstructed all things considered likewise ladies are not able to conceive ordinarily.

3.   Sometimes because of the disgraceful irregularity of hormones may additionally make an issue in considering.

4.   Endometriosis in the lady is additionally one of the real deterrents in the method for conceiving.
Except these above given reason, there are also some major problems faced by men due to which women may also unable to conceive. Out of which some major are:-

Firstly it is seen that in numerous men because of the issue of low-quality sperms some ladies need to face the barrenness issue. Alongside this here and there because of the low rate of sperms in men, ladies might additionally confront the fruitlessness issue.

To sum up we can say that there  is no doubt that there are many best IVF centre  available in our country out of which Dr. Sumita Sofat’s Hospital is one of the best IVF hospitals in India which is mainly known for its medical and technical excellence. This hospital is one of best Infertility hospitals in India because of the presence of all types of medical facilities along with it its personalized services. This centre is capable of providing all sorts of services which are require delivering a healthy baby to the couples.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why couples use to face infertility problem these days?

We all know that the Infertility means incapability of being pregnant even trying for at least the period of one year of unprotected course. It is seen that normally the problem of infertility arises in the women who are more than the age of thirty-five or may be more than it. Problem of infertility mainly occurs to those women who can get pregnant, but they remain to stay pregnant.
Another important fact dealing with the problem of infertility is that it is not only women’s problem. Both men and women may suffer from the problem of infertility. But along with this fact this is also true that major of fertility problems use to occur due to females and one-third of such problem in couples mainly find due to males. The case which left is a mixture of both either male or female problems and may be due to many types of uncertain problems. Normally Test Tube Baby is the right kind of surgery to solve the problem of infertility.
Let’s start discussing the different causes of infertility problem in men: -Sometimes in males a problem of varicocele arises which mainly occurs in men when the veins on men’s testicle expands a lot. Due to the expansion testicles get heat down automatically which affect on the shape of the sperms of men.
1.      Next problem comes due to the movement of the sperms which mainly happens due to the shape of the sperms.
2.      Sometimes it is also possible that due to some injury or may be due to some major damage to the reproductive system sperms blocked down automatically.
3.      In many cases, it is also quite possible that some men born with some issue with their sperms in such a situation male has to face the infertility problem.
4.      Many times due to severe illness or may be due to any injury the infertility problem arises.
Now let’s start discussing those factors which increase the risk of infertility problem:-
1. Due to the use of excess drinking alcohol men may suffer from infertility problem.
2. Due to the use of excess harmful drugs men may suffer from the problem of infertility.
3. Sometimes the presence of environmental toxins which includes different pesticides and other chemicals like lead may also pour a bad impact on male’s fertility power.
4. Due to the habit of smoking cigarettes problem of infertility may arise.
5. Increasing age also pours a bad impact on man’s fertility power.
6. Many times problems dealing with kidney also pours a bad impact on male’s fertility ability.
7. Hormone problem or hormonal disturbance may also pour a bad impact on men’s fertility ability.
8. Sometimes diseases like cancer due to which person may go through from chemotherapy man’s fertility ability may get affected.
Above given are some reasons due to which male’s fertility ability may get affected now let’s start discussing some factors due to which female fails to conceive. These are :-
1. First of all factors increasing age or growing age is a major cause of fertility problem.
2. Women who are more than thirty-five years have to suffer from infertility problem.
3. Since expanding age, consequently diminishes a lady's possibilities of imagining as her ovary neglects to discharge the great nature of eggs.
4. The eggs which use to release in the female ovary are not healthy due to which she may suffer from miscarriage.
But along with this the another fact is that due to the advancement in technology today many health care centers are opened throughout the whole world where problem like infertility may be treated very successfully. Normally to solve the problem of infertility problem in couples IVF treatment is the best technique. In true words, we can say that IVF is a Test- Tube baby technique which is mainly developed to treat such a female whose fallopian tubes get damaged due to certain reasons. Generally IVF treatmentin India use to begin with hormone therapy However infertility treatmentin India is getting popularity day by day. In such centers male’s infertility problem is also used to tackle very successfully by surgeons.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

What are the factors responsible for creating a trouble in fertility process?

What are the factors responsible for creating a trouble in fertility process?

Sofat Infertility Centre is the best Infertility Centrein India
 Normally word Infertility suggests that a woman or couple is childless or conceive even after having unprotected sex for one year. In other words the word infertility also may use for those women may become pregnant but who are suffer from continuous miscarriages are also taken as infertile. Only that woman may become a pregnant
1.      A woman who use to release an egg from her ovary.
2.      That woman may able conceive whose egg may passes through a fallopian tube towards her womb.
3.      While passing through the fallopian tube man’s sperm must join that egg.
4.      Then the fertilized egg must reside in the uterus.
After going through the following steps it becomes clear that pregnancy is one of the complicated processes. But in the case of having trouble in these all steps woman may suffer from the infertility problem. Normally in women the problem of infertility raises when the woman reaches in her thirties. At this stage her chances of getting pregnant slow downs automatically. Along with this the chances of miscarriages also increases at wide range.
Here below given are some parameters dealing with infertility:-
Today infertility becomes a common problem of almost about 10% of such women whose age is between 15 to 40 years.
Sometimes the problem of infertility may be face by couple when one of the two partners may reaches at the age of thirties.
Sometimes in males due to the poor or less quantity of sperms problem of infertility may rises.
Due to the presence of certain diseases in men or may be due to damage of certain tubes males may suffer from infertility problem.
Due to the use of excess drugs, or medicines problem of infertility may rise.
Men who are in the habit of having drinking alcohol at large scale also face the infertility problem because alcohol pours a bad impact on man’s fertility power.
It may also possible that due to some certain serious diseases like cancer when patient may go through chemotherapy process then the chances of infertility may increases at large range.
Now lets start discuss about the cost of infertilitytreatment in India is a wide concept.
This is true that  cost of infertility treatment mainly depends on the two factors out of which one is the competition among the two different clinics and the other one is sort of facilities which use to provide to the patient during his/her treatment processes. In some states costs are also influenced by different health plans offered by the government.
Before gong further on treatment for infertility doctors first of all go through the history of both the partners and then they approach for different tests like ovulation tests, ultrasounds etc. Sometimes it is possible that couple may be suffering from some type of minor defects which may be easily cured by giving different medicines and in the case if the fault or weakness is incurable then in such a situation the patient may go for process of artificial insemination.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Infertility problem on the Rise

Infertility problem on the Rise

Infertility is a very old problem and is most common problem nowadays. A lot of women are facing their first miscarriage. The reason can be many sometimes negligence and sometimes lack of proper counseling by a good gynecologist. Most people are facing this issue because of proper lack of knowledge of what to do’s and don’ts. This problem is just one major concern and thus has reduced state of complexity, but some couples strongly face complications.

As it has been proved globally that women are not the only ones who are sufferers of infertility, men are equally responsible. Some common factors which explain the causes of infertility in women are as follows:
Damaged fallopian tubes: Any destruction of Fallopian tubes (which convey the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus) can forestall contact between the egg and sperm.
Cervical and Hormonal reasons: A little gathering of ladies may have a cervical condition in which the sperm can't pass through the cervical waterway. 
The procedure of ovulation relies on a complex equalization of hormones and their associations to be effective, and any disturbance in this procedure can obstruct ovulation.
Unexplained barrenness: The reason for barrenness in roughly 10% of couples won't be resolved using the presently accessible techniques for examination.
Uterine reasons: Irregular life systems of the uterus; the vicinity of polyps and fibroids.
Above are the main reasons of infertility problem. Apart from the above-explained reasons there are a few other factors which come under unexplained infertility.
Now jolting down the factors which cause infertility in men:
Ejaculation issues:  Decline of discharge happens when semen enters the bladder amid climax as opposed to developing out the tip of the penis.
Low Sperm Count in semen: On the off chance that the quantity of sperm in your semen (sperm number) is low, it diminishes the chances that one of your sperm will prepare your accomplice's egg.
Abnormal or non-functional sperm: On the off chance that the development (motility) or capacity of your sperm is anomalous, the sperm will be unable to achieve or infiltrate your wife's egg
Antibodies, tumors and hormonal Imbalances: Hostile to sperm antibodies are safe framework cells that erroneously distinguish sperm as destructive trespassers and endeavor to dispense with them. 
Growths and nonmalignant tumors can influence the male conceptive organs straightforwardly or can influence the organs that discharge hormones identified with generation. 
Fruitlessness can come about because of clusters of the testicles themselves or an anomaly influencing other hormonal frameworks including the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal organs.
These were a few reasons. For men, the erection issues, chromosome issues and other lifestyle factors like drinking and smoking can also adversely affect.

There are many treatments available for infertility. Most widely used technique is IVF. There are many infertility hospitals worldwide and in India. Best hospital is Sofat IVF Hospital in Jalandhar, which uses modern techniques and has great technical labs. 
This Infertility Hospital in Jalandhar is famous for providing  personalized care to every patient.