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What are the factors responsible for creating a trouble in fertility process?

What are the factors responsible for creating a trouble in fertility process?

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 Normally word Infertility suggests that a woman or couple is childless or conceive even after having unprotected sex for one year. In other words the word infertility also may use for those women may become pregnant but who are suffer from continuous miscarriages are also taken as infertile. Only that woman may become a pregnant
1.      A woman who use to release an egg from her ovary.
2.      That woman may able conceive whose egg may passes through a fallopian tube towards her womb.
3.      While passing through the fallopian tube man’s sperm must join that egg.
4.      Then the fertilized egg must reside in the uterus.
After going through the following steps it becomes clear that pregnancy is one of the complicated processes. But in the case of having trouble in these all steps woman may suffer from the infertility problem. Normally in women the problem of infertility raises when the woman reaches in her thirties. At this stage her chances of getting pregnant slow downs automatically. Along with this the chances of miscarriages also increases at wide range.
Here below given are some parameters dealing with infertility:-
Today infertility becomes a common problem of almost about 10% of such women whose age is between 15 to 40 years.
Sometimes the problem of infertility may be face by couple when one of the two partners may reaches at the age of thirties.
Sometimes in males due to the poor or less quantity of sperms problem of infertility may rises.
Due to the presence of certain diseases in men or may be due to damage of certain tubes males may suffer from infertility problem.
Due to the use of excess drugs, or medicines problem of infertility may rise.
Men who are in the habit of having drinking alcohol at large scale also face the infertility problem because alcohol pours a bad impact on man’s fertility power.
It may also possible that due to some certain serious diseases like cancer when patient may go through chemotherapy process then the chances of infertility may increases at large range.
Now lets start discuss about the cost of infertilitytreatment in India is a wide concept.
This is true that  cost of infertility treatment mainly depends on the two factors out of which one is the competition among the two different clinics and the other one is sort of facilities which use to provide to the patient during his/her treatment processes. In some states costs are also influenced by different health plans offered by the government.
Before gong further on treatment for infertility doctors first of all go through the history of both the partners and then they approach for different tests like ovulation tests, ultrasounds etc. Sometimes it is possible that couple may be suffering from some type of minor defects which may be easily cured by giving different medicines and in the case if the fault or weakness is incurable then in such a situation the patient may go for process of artificial insemination.



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